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My creative ritual begins by starting from the big picture and working backwards to the finer details. The pieces i develop share a recurring sense of underlying themes, metaphors and identity. The ability to capture imagination in a unique way is expressed through fashion as a chosen medium.Considerations to shape and form work alongside innovation in surface technique and materials, providing a hard edge for technology in textiles. I aspire to communicate fashion as an artistic expression, where it can be viewed and worn. I am drawn to the beauty found in anomalies and irregularities all around us, as well as the quirks and oddities in people and personalities.



All works share an underlying autobiographical meaning - whether it be reflective of my personality or state of mind, my past or how i have grown creatively. My past, mental evolution and futuristic structures integrate with inspirations from art and television, specifically nature and science fiction programs and documentaries. Portraying messages metaphorically in my work builds a connection as viewers engage in finding the meaning and exercises the imagination as they grasp what my work truly represents.



The initial stages of my process i call the "phantasmagorical state". My design approach is that i work backwards during the "phantasmagorical state", starting at the big picture i envision the artwork and how it will be realised, then work backwards and refine finer details. It is at this time ideas and themes are decided and i surround myself with research and key references.I pay attention to the construction of a garment in order to deconstruct it later, mentally and physically. The creative process of working directly onto a mannequin allows for a physical, three dimensional way to design structure and form, expressing art into fashion form.

Artist Statement
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